Monday, 27 February 2012

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Inhaler by Miles Kane + Easy Guitar Tab!

With over 99% of people on YouTube liking this video and the song gaining outstanding reviews and comments such as 'awesome' , 'awesome tune', 'awesome beat' , 'awesome song', 'awesome guitar' I couldn't help but feature this on my site because of it's awesomeness. 

The song features a memorable and rock-y riff at the immediate start of the song as well as keeping the energy of the song higher than a sugar rush after raiding Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Also, I have included the intro guitar tab below - so if you have access to a guitar get playing now! It's fairly simple and once you get it up to the right speed it's awesome.

If you are unfamiliar with guitar tab each line across represents the strings 
(E,A,D,G,B,E). The bottom line on the tab is the 6th sting (the string 
closest to you) and the top line is the string furthest from you with the
 higher pitch. The numbers represent the fret to play. 

 Tab Courtesy of Ryan Barnes on Ultimate Guitar
The single is...
99p On iTunes 

Friday, 1 July 2011

Retro Bluetooth Phone

When past met present, 
they made the Retro Bluetooth Phone.

Sometimes we forget about those things we used to use but sometimes they are so awesome they keep returning, like the the mokia retro bluetooth phone.
By combining old and new the old-style phone accessory uses bluetooth so that you can recieve phone calls. It should work with most phones with bluetooth enabled including the iPhone.

This vintage handset will be sure to bring back memories as well as feel like a new toy; some of the product features include Bluteooth 2.0, up to a 10m connection range and talktime for up to 6 hours (once fully charged with the mini USB). It can be used not just for regular phone calls but skype calls and other internet phone calls whilst looking super slick and great on your desk. I bet you want it now, don't you?
It can be purchased from many online stores such as-  
t retails at £39.99 on the official site

Ye Olde Non-Bluetooth Phone
The New Mokia Retro Bluetooth Phone


Image Sources - Top Left , Bottom Left   Bottom Right

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Awesome Audition - Fighting Gravity, America's Got Talent

An awesome dance group who experiment with new ways of awesomeness

 The blacklight dance group that auditioned on America's Got Talent caught my eye. The creative dance and talent was just incredible (there are people dressed in black so that you cant see them and they effectively lift up and move objects including the people that you can see). By performing in the dark Fighting gravity can defy physics. It is awesome stuff with some great performances - especially the skateboarding performance. 

 They reached the America's Got Talent finals 2010 and came 3rd overall. The other acts in the top 4 were all singers, and the winner was Michael Grimm. You can catch them on the TV this month on ITV 2 when America's Got Talent is on.
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